Pheasant Hunting at Wiley Cock Lodge

In South Dakota, when October is here, and the pheasant hunting finally begins, you’ll find blaze orange everywhere but on the birds. South Dakota is your ultimate pheasant hunting destination, and for good reason. Bluntly stated in a recent Pheasants Forever article, the Winner Area has ranked number one in South Dakota for number of pheasants harvested over the past several years.  If you are looking for the pheasant hunting trip of a lifetime, look no further. Wiley Cock Lodge, located in Winner, South Dakota, is your premier pheasant hunting destination.


Wiley Cock Pheasant Hunting Lodge

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Pheasant hunting runs in our blood. It all began sitting around the fire, listening to Grandpa tell stories of the “good ol’ days”. Pheasant hunting, campfires, and whiskey have been an integral part of our lives ever since. Thanks to phenomenal conservation efforts, habitat conservation, and responsible sportsmen, here at Wiley Cock Lodge we’re still living in the “good ol’ days”. Pheasant hunting in Winner, South Dakota is unlike any other hunting you will ever find. Wiley Cock’s guided hunts will take you through fields stuffed full of South Dakota’s state bird for the pheasant hunting trip you will be telling your grandchildren about.

Wiley Cock Hunting Lodge boasts the luxuries of a world class hunting lodge while simultaneously maintaining the rustic atmosphere your pheasant hunting lodge needs. Sleeping 18 in 7 bedrooms with 6 baths, with our own private bar, plenty of room for entertainment, an enormous cleaning area with private lockers, a walkout patio and fire pit, heated kennels, a private trapshooting range and 7 flatscreen TV’s, Wiley Cock Hunting Lodge is the ideal location to host your group trip or company retreat.


South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Season

Pheasant Hunting Walking The Field

Pheasant opener in South Dakota traditionally falls on the third Saturday of October with the season running through the third of January. For the first week of the season, pheasant hunting begins at noon and ends at sunset. Even though we have until sunset, it’s on very rare occasion we aren’t back at the hunting lodge drinking whiskey and cleaning birds long before sundown. After the first week of pheasant hunting season, hunts will start as early as 10am. If you and your group are non-residents, visit South Dakota GFP’s licensing site prior to booking your trip to ensure your group has designated pheasant hunting dates that align with Wiley Cock Lodge’s availability.

Pheasant Hunting In South Dakota

Daily Limit: 3 Rooster Pheasants

Possession Limit: 15 rooster pheasants, taken according to the daily limit. The limit accrues at the rate of 3 birds a day, and 15 birds may not be possessed until after the fifth day of hunting.

Additional Pheasant Hunting Information

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